At Titus, we recognise that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups are the driving force behind the innovation of business and entrepreneurship in Hong Kong. As the leading law firm for small businesses, SMEs, and start-ups, we can help you drive your business forward and provide advice and services on all aspects of business operations required to expand your business’s scope and potential.

We understand that the needs of our SME and start-up clients are constantly changing to meet the demanding nature of business in Hong Kong. Our law firm is dedicated to providing a range of tailor-made legal services suitable for SMEs and start-ups looking at immediate success and future growth across various industries and industry subsectors.

Our Services

Our law firm’s SME and start-up practice deals with a broad spectrum of non-contentious matters on behalf of our clients. Throughout the years of this practice, our SME and start-up investment lawyers have built up extensive experience in Hong Kong and Asia that allows us to exceed expectations time and time again when delivering our range of services across the entire life cycle of your business.

Our dedicated services make available a broad perspective of expertise and legal advice at a cost-effective level. We are regularly instructed to act in business formation and organisation and offer our expertise in the essential step of raising finance to establish our client’s operations. As your business grows, so do the services offered. From start-up investment legal services to furnishing advice on legal and regulatory compliance, our law firm delivers results that invest in the future of your business and is capable of satisfying the needs of any Hong Kong SME or start-up.

At TITUS, we pride ourselves as a Hong Kong startup investment law firm committed to the entrepreneurial spirit and we savour working with small businesses that incorporate forward-looking approaches and relish the challenges faced in pursuing expansion. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best tools and opportunities to clear the expected and unexpected hurdles when taking their business to the next level.

Our law firm’s sub-practice areas for startups, SMEs, and small businesses include:

  • Business Formation, Organisation, and Operations / Business Processes;
  • Raising Finance/Capital (both Debt and Equity Financing)
  • Employment / Consultancy Agreement;
  • Tenancy Agreements / Lease;
  • Distribution Agreements; Sponsorship Agreements; Licensing Agreements; Manufacturing Agreements; Service Agreements;
  • Commercialising Intellectual Property Rights;
  • Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance Advice;

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If you want to learn more about our investment legal services for startups, small businesses and SMEs, please contact our law firm.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the main legal issues startups face?

    Startups have to overcome a number of problems from the point of inception to opening their doors and starting a business. Some of the most common issues they face include business structure, founder and shareholder agreements, employee disputes, contracts, shares and equity, and intellectual property. TITUS is a well-respected startup investment law firm in Hong Kong that provides a huge range of legal services. For more information, contact us today to see how we can help.

  • When should a startup hire an investment lawyer?

    The decision for when startups should hire an investment lawyer varies from company to company. Some seek legal services from a law firm when they have 100 employees, while others do it when they have 10. Ultimately, the best determining factor is when companies have enough capital to spend on a startup investment lawyer.

  • Why do startups and SMEs need a lawyer?

    There are a plethora of reasons startups and SMEs need lawyers from a reputable law firm, including ensuring compliance, reducing risks, establishing agreements between different parties, and avoiding tax issues. Should your startup or SME require assistance on any of these issues or other problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with TITUS and our startup investment lawyers will provide you with assistance.

  • How much does it cost to hire a startup lawyer?

    It depends on what startup investment legal services your company requires. To get an accurate quotation, please contact us, and one of our qualified members of staff will provide all the answers you seek.

  • How do I know which startup investment lawyer is best for me?

    It is essential to choose a lawyer with experience and knowledge of the industry. At a premier Hong Kong startup investment law firm like TITUS, you will find a team of talented and dedicated startup investment lawyers that offer a myriad of legal services and are committed to helping startups overcome any problems so that they can thrive in Hong Kong.