The ever-expanding influence of blockchain technologies, from cryptocurrencies to other classes of virtual assets, provides significant opportunities across a spectrum of industries in Hong Kong and elsewhere. However, we are aware that these developments have produced complex legal, regulatory, and compliance issues for all parties involved. Individuals and companies need to be suitably informed when pursuing the incorporation of blockchain technologies into their business. As a Hong Kong-based law firm with experience in the crypto world, we act as your trusted crypto advisor, delivering hard-headed advice and tailor-made crypto legal services that will help you better comprehend the entanglement of regulations and make informed decisions.

Our knowledgeable blockchain and cryptocurrency lawyers at TITUS provide dedicated help to our clients, allowing them to navigate this complicated and fast-changing space by delivering solutions for the short-term and those that enable our clients to plan an extended future in blockchain-based industries.

Our Services

With the continuous advancement in financial technologies in Hong Kong, our law firm recognises the increasing trend of industries utilising blockchain and crypto technology, and other virtual assets in order to expand their business potential and meet the needs of their clients. Whether your business is a start-up or an established organisation, TITUS can successfully deliver advice and practical solutions to incorporating blockchain technology. Lawyers at TITUS have experience in delivering services regarding ICOs; STOs; Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO); Hong Kong crypto fund setup; and providing advice covering issues of regulatory status; AML/CTF; etc.

TITUS’ virtual asset and blockchain lawyers bring sophisticated experience to individuals and businesses across industries to navigate the complex legal issues surrounding cryptocurrencies and virtual assets. We think comprehensively about our clients’ business models and operational requirements to help develop and implement tailor-made strategies; this client-centric focus has allowed us to become a leading Hong Kong crypto law firm.
List of sub-practice areas:

  • General Virtual Asset and Crypto legal services;
  • Finance / Capital Raising through Blockchain Technologies:
    • Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs);
    • Security Token Offerings (STOs);
    • Tokenisation, e.g. non-fungible tokens;
  • Blockchain and Crypto Funds Setup;
  • Smart Contracts and Automation;
  • Virtual Asset Trading / Exchange Platforms;
  • Blockchain Start-up Advice;
  • Financial Regulatory and Compliance Regimes (i.e. SFO); and
  • Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Financing of Terrorism.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do cryptocurrency lawyers do?

    Lawyers proficient and specialising in the cryptocurrency space can help with a wide variety of matters that relate to crypto fund setup, trading, and more. Our crypto attorneys and lawyers are prepared to help individuals and businesses through bespoke services tailored to your specific needs and goals. To learn more about what our blockchain lawyers can do for you, get in touch with us today.

  • How can our crypto advisors help you and your Hong Kong business?

    Cryptocurrency is a new and exciting space for businesses in Hong Kong. However, as a relatively new field, it can be hard to navigate - especially when it comes to staying compliant. Our crypto legal services can help you navigate the space and provide you with a solid foundation for running a successful business in this space.

  • How do I know if I need help from a cryptocurrency fund advisor or lawyer?

    Like many other legal matters, hiring a lawyer is not mandatory. However, it is highly recommended. A crypto advisor can act as your advisor and help you with all matters relating to fund setups, litigation matters, compliance, and more. All of this reduces the workload on your shoulders and allows you to have the peace of mind necessary to focus on matters that require your direct attention.