Investment funds are managed by a fund manager and could be a preferable way for investors to reap the rewards of investing their money. By working with fund managers, individuals can pool together their money into a fund that offers them access to more opportunities and the expertise of those who work in the financial industry as their profession. Managing these funds can become a complicated task – one that may require significant input from a law firm that has experience with investment or hedge fund matters.

As a leading investment law firm in Hong Kong, our investment fund lawyers and legal services are highly skilled in handling legal matters relating to private equity funds, hedge funds, and other investment vehicles. We can help private equity firms negotiate terms relating to the fund, assist with fund structuring and restructuring, due diligence work, writing up contracts, and more.

We help global fund managers as well as start-up managers with investment fund legal services, in particular on:

  • Fund establishments in Hong Kong and offshore – across all the main asset classes
  • SFC compliance and licensing
  • Investment management/advisory arrangements and agreements
  • Fund administration arrangements and agreements
  • Custody arrangements and agreements
  • Fund-related M&A and corporate transactions and corporate finance work, including joint ventures, fund restructuring, secondary transactions and joint

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can fund formation lawyers help with?

    Asset management legal services and investment fund lawyers are integral in the structuring and restructuring of different funds. They can help by preparing partnership agreements, drafting up contracts, and a wide range of other legal services. If you want a better idea of how we can help you run an investment fund in Hong Kong, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

  • Why is there a high demand for investment fund lawyers in Hong Kong?

    Hong Kong has always been a financial hub, but the expansion of international trade as well as rapidly changing Hong Kong regulations mean that an experienced fund lawyer is crucial to the successful management of investment funds.

  • How are funds regulated in Hong Kong?

    All public funds in Hong Kong are regulated by the SFC (Securities and Futures Commission). Other than this, there are many private equity fund managers that operate out of Hong Kong.