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We fully understand the overwhelming frustration one incurs when faced with a police investigation and criminal prosecution. Our criminal defence lawyers have a wealth of experience in dealing with various law enforcement agencies, including but not limited to the Hong Kong Police Force, the Securities & Futures Commission and the Immigration Department. 

As a Hong Kong based firm with expertise in criminal defence law, we have appeared before the Magistrates’ Court, the District Court and the High Court for different criminal matters. We pride ourselves with our ability to respond quickly to clients’ needs from the moment of arrest, with representation at house search, place of arrest and police station, all the way through the application for bail at the Magistrates’ Court until the conclusion of the trial or appeal co-investment arrangements.

Our team is well versed with all aspects of HK criminal law and offers services in areas of:

– Appeals
– Pleas
– Bail applications
– Writing letters of mitigation
– Police interviews
– Court appearances
– General counsel
– Letters of request
– And more…

Our goal is to make the process of police investigation and criminal prosecutions as clear as possible, representing our client through the initial stages to the conclusion. We can help with a wide range of offenses and can be called upon for help at short notice. A criminal prosecution case can spell disaster for a business or individual. Our criminal defence solicitors are committed to defending our clients and secure for them the best possible results, whether that means lowering sentences or writing letters of mitigation.

Why work with Titus

As a modern and forward-thinking law firm based in Hong Kong, Titus has considerable experience with the ever-changing law system in place here. Our criminal defence lawyers take all the time necessary to craft bespoke criminal defense services that guide our clients through the process step by step.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the role of a criminal defence lawyer?

    Above all, the role of a criminal defence solicitor is to provide legal advice and assistance to their client who is accused of a crime. They will help their clients better understand their legal rights, provide advice to their specific situation, and help work for the best possible resolution or deal.

  • Why is it important to consult the help of an experienced criminal defence law firm?

    Getting help from an experienced firm will maximise your chances of the best possible outcome. Depending on the case and the type of crime charged, this can make a huge difference.

  • If I am innocent or plan on pleading guilty, why should I still consult a criminal defence lawyer?

    In both of these situations, a criminal defence lawyer can still help you better understand your legal rights and gain the best possible deal. Just like innocent citizens who are accused of a crime, those who are guilty can also be falsely accused of other crimes.