TITUS provides tailored assistance and legal support across all areas of Hong Kong immigration law to both companies and individuals. Our lawyers provide guidance and legal services across the full immigration process, from visa applications and extensions to permanent residency and Hong Kong citizenship.

Employment Visas and Visa Renewals

As a leading immigration and visa law firm in Hong Kong, our lawyers help employers and individuals navigate the immigration aspects of Hong Kong law, understand the visa renewal process, and obtain employment visas. Our lawyers are experienced in giving holistic advice and assisting our clients with crafting a case strategy, liaising with the Immigration Department as well as preparing all visa application forms and other necessary supporting documents.

Investment Visas

Our business investment visa lawyers work closely with start-ups, investors, business advisory firms, and leading banks in Hong Kong to prepare and submit high-quality visa applications for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Our professionals are experts in the immigration options for investors and will guide you through the complex immigration rules and policies of the Immigration Department.

Applications for Reconsideration and Judicial Review

In some cases, visa applications or applications for extension of stay are being denied. If your application has been refused by the Hong Kong Immigration Department, our visa lawyers will advise you on whether or not you have a right of appeal and whether this is the best option to pursue. TITUS’ visa application legal services may involve a variety of tactics to get the decision overturned, including applying for reconsideration and filing for judicial review.

Permanent Residency and Hong Kong Passports

In addition to visa applications and renewals, our law firm also assists clients in applying for permanent resident status after they have ordinarily resided in Hong Kong for more than 7 years. Our lawyers will typically review your immigration history and provide realistic advice on the prospects of success of an application. After obtaining permanent residency in Hong Kong, Chinese nationals may apply for a Hong Kong passport. With our extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of immigration rules and nationality law, our team is well-positioned to assist with even the most complex matters.

Investigation and Prosecution

We have previously provided legal support and assistance to companies and individuals that have been investigated or prosecuted for a breach of condition of stay or other offences under the Immigration Ordinance (Cap. 115) in Hong Kong. Using our understanding of the techniques used by investigators and the key facts they are trying to uncover, our team has the resources to provide effective defences that are designed to avoid or minimise legal exposure.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can an immigration lawyer assist me in getting employment visas, investment visas, etc?

    Applying for visas can be a troublesome and complicated process. Our lawyers will help liaise with the Hong Kong Immigration Department or relevant authority to ensure your application is as smooth as possible and successful. We can also assist with cases in which you are being investigated or prosecuted for visa matters.

  • How do I become a Hong Kong permanent resident?

    There are several stipulations to becoming a Hong Kong permanent resident, depending on whether you are a Chinese or non-Chinese citizen. In general, you need to be a Chinese citizen born in Hong Kong or have resided here for 7 years continuously. The Immigration Department has more information here.

  • Do I need an immigration lawyer?

    Strictly speaking, the process of applying for a visa in Hong Kong can be done without legal support from an immigration lawyer. However, relying on the help of a professional visa and immigration law firm can make the process much more streamlined and efficient. An immigration lawyer can also offer legal advice to those suspected to have breached the terms of their existing visa.